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Buy 130 lb Golf Barrier Netting copy

At Turf Net Sports Supplies we are happy to provide you with 130lb golf barrier netting with rope border, or raw mesh for self-installation.  

Mesh Size: 1" , Tensile: 130 pound breaking strength, Colour: Black, Edging Rope, Construction: Raschel Knotless Netting, Twine Size: 250/054, Fibre: 100% Polyester, Colour: Spun-dyed black, Break, Strength: 130lbs, Mesh size: 2 1/8" stretch - 1" square, 

NOTE: Netting is priced based on the surface area square footage
(ie. 10'x10'=100 Sq.Ft)

Prices are guaranteed until March 31, 2020.  

Additional Shipping Fees May Apply.
We Will Contact You Once We Receive Your Order. 

Our Prices Vary based on square footage.

You will note 2 price options: 0-1000 square feet and 1001-10,000 square feet

To help you determine how many square feet you will require, we have provided a handy form to the right. Please note this form does not submit, it is simply for calculation purposes. 

For quantities over 10,000 square feet, request a quote. 

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Panel with Rope Border

Raw Mesh

For quantities over 10,000 square feet, request a quote. 

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