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Windscreen netting is easy to install, comes standard in dark green for better ball perception and reduces the risk of injury. Our experts at TNSS will assist in choosing the right product for your project. 

windscreen protection fencing

Product Information

Perfect for fences and backstops. Our Windscreens come standard in Dark Green Color. This gives better ball perception and reduces injury risk. Woven, UV treated polyethylene highest quality and will last against the elements. Grommets are placed every 12 inches apart on 6 foot goods and every 2 feet apart on 9 foot goods with reinforced sewn bindings. Easy to install. Available in Open Mesh (70 % shade factor) comes complete with 300 Ty-Wraps. 90 % Shade factor) available with grommets or snaps. Air vents available. Standard heights of 6 feet and 9 feet.

Additional Products

Jaw to Jaw Turnbuckles/ 1/4” aircraft cable/ cable clamps/ 8mm spring snap hooks

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Standard Rolls 

63% Screen

4’ X 120’ 24 Lbs.  

6’ X 120’ 37 Lbs.  

8’ X 120’ 42 Lbs. 

85% Screen

44” X 150’ 22 Lbs.  

68” X 150’ 34 Lbs.  

92” X 150’ 44 Lbs.  

11” Zip Ties 500 Per Bag 

Finishing Specifications

Hems and seams: Hems are (4) ply and reinforced with heavy duty 18 oz. vinyl. Windscreen 9' high have center seam reinforced. Sewn with #7 all-weather polyester thread.

Grommets: Brass, nickel plated spaced 12" apart on all four hems. Windscreen 9' high have (2) grommets spaced 2" apart every 5' on center seam.

Snap-on:  Snaps spaced 18" apart on all four hems; or

Options available: Combination snaps and grommets. Wind vents (heat sealed) spaced 10' apart. Non-standard colours and fastening devices. Fastening devices for wind screening. Ty-Raps Model PNT. Black self-locking. Braided Twine Model RT-3.Black 1lb. tube.

windscreen styles

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wind shade privacy screen 63% shadeWind Shade Privacy Screens

63 % Shade Screen

Manufactured in the U.S.A.

Can be installed on any 4’ 6’ or 8’ chain link fence. Buttonhole selvage top and bottom for do it your installation. Also available in custom sizes with borders and grommets on 16” centers top and bottom 12” centers on each end. Average field life 4 - 6 years. 100% Monofilament polypropylene.

tennis court screenTennis Court Screens

92% Privacy Screen

Manufactured in the U.S.A.

High-Density polyethylene silt film offers exhalent sight block. Selvage edge is design for use with plastic zip ties making installation quick and easy. Average outdoor field life of 5 years. Privacy screens are also available with borders and grommets in custom sizes.

Installation / Maintenance Instructions

Call and speak with one of our professionally trained installers.

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