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Beyond Golf: Exploring the Versatility of Turf Net’s Sports Supplies

Posted Feb 20th, 2024

When it comes to sports equipment, Turf Net Sports Supplies has long been synonymous with the golf industry, renowned for its top-tier products and services. However, the scope of Turf Net’s offerings extends far beyond the green fairways of golf. Did you know we supply and install for a  diverse range of sports providing innovative solutions and illustrating the company's commitment to catering to a wide array of athletic needs.

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A Spectrum of Sports Equipment

Turf Net Sports Supplies is not just about golf; it's about every sport. From the meticulousness required in tennis to the dynamic needs of indoor baseball facilities, Turf Net's product lines boast equipment that meets the unique demands of various sports. This range showcases the company’s adaptability and understanding of different sporting environments.

The Foundation of Sports – Artificial Turf

The use of artificial turf, a cornerstone product for Turf Net, illustrates the company’s versatility. This durable, low-maintenance surface is ideal for a variety of settings, from tennis clubs to mini-putt courses, ensuring a consistent playing experience. Turf Net’s artificial turf stands as a testament to innovation in sports facility management. Manufactured here in Canada, we stand behind the turf we sell. We will install or provide you with the directions you need to have a crew install at your facility yourself. 

Safety and Aesthetics - Padding and Grandstands

Understanding the importance of safety in sports, Turf Net provides high-quality padding solutions to protect athletes across various disciplines. Additionally, their range of grandstands enhances the spectator experience, marrying comfort with the thrill of the game.

blue jays batting cageNetting – More Than Just a Barrier

Turf Net’s expertise in netting is evident from their prestigious projects, like installing nets at Rogers Stadium for the Toronto Blue Jays games and at the NHL All-Star games in Las Vegas. This experience underscores the company's ability to deliver solutions for high-stakes, professional environments as well as municipal sports parks, and indoor facilities.  

Keeping Score – The Role of Scoreboards

Scoreboards from Turf Net are more than just functional; they are central to the spirit of competition. Catering to various levels, from local sports clubs to professional arenas, these scoreboards are designed for clarity, durability, and reliability.

Turf Net's Expertise and Installation Services

Turf Net’s expertise extends beyond products to include comprehensive installation and maintenance services. Their team’s skill and attention to detail ensure that every sports facility is equipped and ready for action, as evidenced by our glowing testimonials.

Turf Net Sports Supplies transcends its golf origins, embracing a multitude of sports with its extensive range of products and services. The growth of Turf Net over the past 20 years reflects the company's dedication to supporting athletic endeavors in all forms.


Discover the full range of sports equipment and expertise offered by Turf Net Sports Supplies. Visit our website, explore our new gym and sports equipment catalogue, and contact us to equip your sports facility with the best in the industry.

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