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Turf - Frequently Asked Questions

Get the answers to the most frequently asked questions about artificial grass. 

Artificial Grass That Looks Real

Our landscape turf product is a four-colour blend, that offers thatch for added body reducing the amount of infill needed. The synthetic grass provides a truly authentic look and feel that truly resembles a natural lawn. 

Use: Residential, Commercial and Sports Facilities

Our landscape turf is perfect for use outdoors on a compacted aggregate base or indoors over concrete.  

No More Weeding, Watering or Mowing

Take back your weekends and enjoy your yard. With no weeding, watering or mowing your time is your own again. For commercial and sporting facilities your maintenance and overhead costs will be lowered due to less man-hours required to maintain the turf and your facility. 

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Synthetic grass and putting greens are great alternative to natural grass. Whether you are looking for residential or commercial artificial grass or are looking for a golf green installation in your backyard, we offer the best artificial turf in the business. It’s time to turn that grassy area from a place of time consuming work to a place of leisure. Stop worrying about it and enjoy it!

How does it work?

Our synthetic turf is durable, yet soft and natural
• Tough enough to handle heavy traffic
• UV protected to resist fading from sunlight
• Resilient, resists against matting

Our synthetic turf is safe and easy to maintain
• Safe for pets and kids
• No mowing, watering, fertilizing or pesticides
• No standing water to attract insects

Our synthetic turf is environmentally friendly
• Is lead free
• Conserves water
• Eliminates pesticides and fertilizers

Where can I install it?
• Residential lawns
• Backyard play areas
• Parks and playgrounds
• Schools
• Sports Facilities
• Roadsides and medians
• Office Buildings
• Airports
• Restaurants
• Hotel & Resorts
• And More

1. Are green sized limited?
NO. We can install any size to suit your needs. The synthetic turf rolls are 15’ wide and can be produced at any length.

2. Can the turf be installed over an existing lawn?
No. The existing material must be removed and a gravel sand base is installed. This allows for drainage and compaction to create the perfect surface

3. Can we have undulations?
Yes. You are only limited by your imagination. Our professional staff will work directly with you to make sure the end product is what you dreamed it would be.

4. Is the turf maintenance free?
The turf is 99% maintenance free. Just keep the surface clean by blowing or brushing the debris off. You will never need to mow, fertilize, or water your synthetic surface. A periodic grooming is required for some surfaces.

5. Can we chip on the greens?
Absolutely, all the green will accept a shot from various distances and we have a wide variety of surfaces to meet you needs.

6. What the stimp meter reading for the putting greens? 
Typically upon installation the greens can run between 10-12 on the stimp meter. Green speed can be adjusted by applying sand to the putting surface.

7. What about adding a sand bunker? 
Absolutely, a sand bunker is a nice touch and we can build to suit your needs.

8. What is the expected life of the turf? 
The turf should virtually last forever, as long as periodic maintenance is done to the surface. Turf Net synthetic turf comes with an 8year manufacturers warranty and a 2 year warranty on workmanship. This is one of the best warranties in the business!

9. Will snow affect the surface?
No. Turf has been installed in some of the harshest climates. As a matter a fact while the local golf course may be closed due to frost or snow you can simply broom off the surface and play. Your neighbors will be saying the grass is always greener on the other side!

10. Will the sun or dry weather affect the surface?
No. The turf is u.v. protected to resist fading from sunlight, There are hundreds of turf surfaces installed in the desert areas across North America.

11. Can we install the turf on our own?
While you could install a turf on your own, we recommend our professional installation services which are warrantied and hassle free. Putting Green turfs are
generally custom installs which generally require our experience and knowledge to be installed properly. We can do as much or as little as you would like.

12. Is it safe?
Yes. All of our products are safe for pets and kids and heavy metal and lead free!


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